Fresh free range whole chicken tops our list of chicken products. These high quality whole chickens from Caldecott’s Holly farm weigh approximately 1.8Kg each.

Fresh Farm Assured Chicken from Norfolk are available in all cuts. Full traceability with perfect flavour and texture.

We also work closely with a Dutch chicken supplier who provide us with quality fresh chicken fillet that gives our customers excellent value.

We have a wide range of marinades available to be used with the chicken products.


Free range dry plucked ducks are available supplied by Madgett’s Farm. these ducks are grown naturally and fed a cereal diet, creating a marbling through the meat. This supplier is one of only three in the country that uses dry plucking to gain the best finish.

The Gressingham Duck products that are supplied by Owen Taylor are of the highest quality and come with the Red Tractor Standard. We also stock French and other European duck products.


Our white and bronze turkeys are sourced from English Farms offering consistent eating quality and flavour. As we source the whole birds we are able to cut to any specification.

Other Poultry Products

We also hold full stock of corn-fed chicken, guinea fowl, poussin. Please ask our sales staff for more information.