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Relf the Elf travels

Relf the Elfs daily travels

04 December 2018

Introducing the newest member of the Owen Taylor family..................

'Meat' Relf the Elf




Relf has joined the Company to help with the demands at this busy time of year. He says he is able to butcher, clean, put orders on and make tea! So far we haven't seen his value but we are hopeful. He is going to show us every day a different activity to prove he can work as hard as the team.


Relf will give us a small story daily of his previous days trials and tribulations so watch this space for his next adventure. To give a clue he has been out and about today with Richard Taylor and Chris Gillott.


If you have any suggestions of duties he can perform please leave a message on our Facebook page.


Relf visits Fatstock 


Today Relf visited Melton Mowbray Fatstock with Richard Taylor and Chris Gillott. He helped buy 6 cattle for our customers and even managed to hitch a ride on the rump of one!




Who ate all the pies?


It would seem that Relf has made himself very at home today. He was only meant to try one steak and ale pie and ate them all! Fat Relf.




Slacking off Relf?


Relf decided to help in the office today. He loved reading about his travels so far. He didn't help out on the phones much though!



Weekend antics


Relf decided he needed a drink this weekend and so went wild at the local!

Sunday chilling


After a busy Saturday Relf hitched a ride all day on a Santa puppy!