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David Nieper Academy World of Work Week Visit

David Nieper Academy World of Work Week Visit

14 July 2017

Recently we visited David Nieper Academy to celebrate World of Work Week.

On Monday 11th July, Lee Gould (Food Safety Manager) led a Food Technology session for students to teach them about everything from food hygiene to product marketing. In order to demonstrate these skills, we gave them a challenge: to create and present a brand-new burger that Owen Taylor’s could sell. The prize for the winning team? Their burger made and sold in our shop for a week!

The session began with organising the students into teams and assigning each of them a role. Every team would consist of:

  • A Manufacturer, who would handle ingredients and make the burger by hand.
  • A Technical Manager, who would create an ingredients list and allergen information list.
  • A Marketing Manager, who would create a fitting name and description for the burger.


  • A Team Leader, who would monitor the other students and present the finished product to our staff.

The task of considering all of these factors proved difficult at first for the teams, but after working together and getting a clear idea of what they wanted in mind, they set to work on making their vision a reality.

The results were three very promising burgers, each with their own unique flairs. “The American” put size first, with an enormous meat patty. “The Salsa Sizzle” incorporated chopped peppers and spices into the mincemeat for a Mexican-inspired taste. And finally, “The Pepper Punch” used a Peri-Peri seasoning to give the meat a kick.

The winning team had been well-organised from the start. They were the fastest to agree on an idea, understood the technical issues and how to assess them, and cooked their burger with enough time spare to make its presentation look sharp. Furthermore, their Team Leader’s presentation demonstrated the unique selling points of the burger and an understanding of what the customer needs to know.

Our winning burger is…

“The Salsa Sizzle”!

This limited-edition burger will be arriving on our front counter on Monday 17th July for one week only. Why not pop in and give it a try?


- - -

Further to our visit on Monday, Owen Taylor & Sons returned to David Nieper Academy on Thursday 13th July 2017 to aid students with job interview skills and experience.

Both Clair Channer (HR Manager) and Carl Evans (Operations Manager) attended the afternoon event alongside other companies who wanted to dedicate their time to help students gain vital information about the world of work.

Clair and Carl were asked to interview 5 students. Each student had prepared a CV and a job application for an imaginary customer service role. The interviews were designed to provide them with experience in an interview setting, and students were given feedback on their efforts. This feedback covered their CV, job application, their confidence and knowledge.

Students were all well prepared and whilst there were nervous faces, they all attended the interviews and were ultimately advised whether they would have been given the role had it been a real interview. Constructive criticism was given when required along with positive advice on what they did well. The academy did an excellent job in the organisation of the event and it was clear their preparation had paid off.

Commenting on the success of the session, Headteacher Kathryn Hobbs said: "I really appreciated the time that both [Carl] and Clair spent with the students. We have had lots of positive feedback and I know that the students got a lot out of the day." 

We would like to congratulate the students on their first ever interviews. Well done!